From 1st to 5th August, our friends from Bad Vilbel will be visiting us in Glossop. Following a welcome evening reception on Thursday 1st August, we’ll be taking our guests to Nostell Priory in Yorkshire, and Hassop in the Peak District for a day trip on Friday. On Saturday, hosts will be free to choose their own place to visit. This will be followed by a social evening including dinner and Cèilidh. On Sunday, there will be a concert by a local choir and afternoon tea.

One thought on “Glossop 2019”

  1. Dear Friends,

    Now we are all safe back in Bad Vilbel.
    We like to think back to the wonderful and nice weekend that we spent together
    in Glossop.

    Many thanks for the beautiful picture of the glossoper artist Hobson and the

    There was a lot to discover, many good conversations and new places you
    showed us.
    I personally discovered Buxton properly. From our
    excursion I am particularly reminded of the “Munition Room” at Nostil Priory. It
    shows how important direct access to original documents was even then.

    Many thanks also for the careful planning, translations, transfer from /to the
    airport and for some the vegan food. Please pass on my thanks and the thanks of
    my fellow travellers to your organization team.

    Best Wishes


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